Story Map Guide

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Story Map Guide

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Align your remote team building products, programs, or services with story maps

Building alignment on remote teams (or in-person teams for that matter!) can be very challenging when we're building intangible experiences with our digital products, programs, and services. What's a team to do when they're looking for ways to be more effective, and collaborative?

Story maps have super powers that help you collaborate with your remote team such as:

  • Giving you a visual representation of an intangible experience
  • Show the impact of user feedback
  • Assign accountabilities with needed context
  • They're a place to challenge your assumptions and focus your research efforts
  • Make metrics matter
  • Imagine different scenarios and paths in real-time without making changes to your final product

What's included:

We've included a 35-page PDF guide and a downloadable Miro board to get you and your team started!

Tips for opening the board in Miro:

  • Paid Miro accounts can directly import the board backup file. Check out the support page on Restoring a Board from a Backup on Miro
  • Free accounts will need to access the link provided and duplicate it to their account. To do so, click the link, when the board is loaded click the title of the board. That brings up a pop-up window with a Duplicate button. Click that to make a copy to your account. This page has more details.
I want this!

You'll get a guide that breaks down story maps into approachable steps and Miro templates to help you get started.

35 Page Getting Started Guide (PDF)
Miro templates to get you and your team started
Pre-populated examples for guidance


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